Friday Five: 5 Dinner Guests

Hi friends…

Some lovely writing friends of mine have been participating in a link-up for awhile now called #FridayFive. This week, the #FridayFive topic is five dinner guests you would like to have over for dinner. Narrowing my dinner party down to only five guests was challenging, but here’s who I decided upon. I would love to hear with whom you would like to share a meal! Feel free to post in the comments. 🙂

#1. Jane Austen: as an avid reader and bibliophile, Jane Austen has been one of my literary heroes ever since I read ‘Pride and Prejudice’ as a high schooler. The creator of Emma Woodhouse, Lizzy Bennet, Anne Elliot, Fanny Price, and Catherine Morland? Not to mention Mr. Darcy (SWOON), Mr. Knightley (SWOON again), Captain Frederick Wentworth (yes, SWOON)? Yes. Please.

#2. L.M. Montgomery: she perhaps should be listed first. The author of my all-time favorite heroine, Anne Shirley, Lucy Maud’s series was the fabric of my childhood. My family insists that if Anne was a real girl, she would be me. My dad once called me hysterically laughing and imploring me to turn on my PBS station. I did, only to be baffled by his laughing at a documentary of penguins. His PBS station, in fact, was not showing those delightful little guys, but was showing the first ‘Anne of Green Gables’ movie. He was laughing because the scene when Anne dyes her hair green (spoiler alert!)? He claims is exactly how I was as a young girl. Repeated exclamations of, “It’s YOU! It’s you!” were punctuated by continual fits of laughter. I also have Anne’s infamous temper and I’m pretty sure I married Gilbert…aka Matt.

#3. Queen Victoria: as a history major and buff, I have a fascination with England’s longest-reigning monarch (till this past summer when QEII eclipsed Victoria’s reign). Her life story is incredible, and though she may be a bit pompous and regal for my gathering, I’d still love to chat with her.

#4. Brennan Manning: the former priest who describes himself as a ragamuffin is absolutely on my list. His writing has moved me immensely and has breathed life into my heart as I was learning what grace was and its role in my life. Honest, humble, and humorous (see what I did there?), being able to break bread with Brennan would be such a life-giving experience.

#5. Audrey Hepburn: I love watching her movies. She would add so much class and elegance to the meal, too. I’d love to pick up some tips from her.

Blessings and love,


ps. In case you missed it, I had the honor of being featured as a guest blogger over at my friend Brianna’s blog on Wednesday. If you haven’t been able to check out the post, here is the link. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Also, if you have a blog and want to participate in the link up for #FridayFive, please head over to my friend Kelly’s blog here.


3 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 Dinner Guests

  1. I would love to be at this party! I considered Austen on my list, but the list was too short. Still, I’d love to hear about her life. How did she make it so expansive intellectually and imaginationally (made that word up!) when it was so “small” by our standards? Interesting.

  2. What a great feast that would be! Have you read Dear Mr. Knightly by Katherine Reay? Great read for Jane Austen fans. Thanks for linking up! I hope to see you again! #FridayFive

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