An Open Letter to Daylight Savings Time

Dear Daylight Savings Time,

It’s time we had a chat. I’ve tried to ignore the problems in our relationship for some time now, but after last night, I can’t be silent any longer.

Look, when I was younger, you and I had a really good thing going. Every time you ended, I got more sleep, felt refreshed for a time, and didn’t really notice things like, you know, it getting dark at 3:00 pm.  That added extra hour of sleep? Glorious. Really, really glorious. You were totally my BFF. My jam. The peanut butter to my jelly. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t have done for you. I adored the whole concept of “falling back.”

But now….well, now, let’s face it: it’s just not working between us. Something is broken and it can’t be fixed. The reason it can’t be fixed?

I had children. And I have come to know the hard way that children are your mortal enemy. Why must you be so cruel to parents? Did you know that my kidlets were up at 5:30 this morning? 5:30. In the morning. Then they were going crazy at 6:30 pm because their little, tiny, bitty bodies think it’s past their bedtime. And when they wake up tomorrow morning way too early? Who’s going to be there? That’s right. Exhausted, sleep deprived, me.

And now you’re robbing me of precious moments of daylight and sunshine that I need almost as desperately as I need a cup of coffee. Now not only am I dead on my feet, but I also have to pretend I’m a vampire and only come out at night.

You stopped being there for me a long time ago, and I can’t justify keeping you around anymore. So, really, it’s not you, it’s me. Well, actually, it really is you, but I’ll say it’s me. It’s time we break up for good.

Let’s just call it a day and you go your way and I’ll go mine.

In the words of those wise, wise boys, N’Sync….bye, bye, bye.


One tired momma



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