A Day in the Life

If you’re my friend on Facebook (or, as my dad calls it, Spacebook), you have most likely seen the little conversations between me and the kids. Just to lighten things up (and to be honest, this is how most days go, anyway), I thought I would give you some recent highlights.

I love how my kidlets make me laugh. They are simply the.best.things.ever. The end. (And for some reason, most of these revolve around mealtimes…what can I say. My kids like to eat.)


Ellie woke up a bit on the, shall we say, grumpy side this morning.
As the kids were siting down to breakfast, the whining was in top form with her and she was attempting to tell the boys to not talk to her.

Seth (to Matt): “She thinks she’s the boss!”
Ellie (very indignantly, while still whining): “I’m not the boss! I’m Ewiana Brazofsky!”

Overheard this morning at breakfast…

Clara screaming over something inane as a two-year old does.

Levi: “Well…she’s just a natural.”
Seth: “Mhmm. Yup.”
Ellie: “AND she’s GRUMPY!”

So, VBS is this week….and today was water day. Guess who had the only kid who tried to get COMPLETELY naked during rec time? Three guesses as to which kid (Clara and Amelia don’t count.). I swear, I can’t make this stuff up. I wish I could.

Matt reorganized the garage a couple of days ago, and found his old globe. He let the boys take it to their room to “study” (in the words of Levi) and yesterday, Levi came downstairs with it exclaiming over a miraculous discovery…

Levi: “Momma! You won’t believe it! It’s the most exciting thing EVER!”
Me: “Oh really? What’s that?”
Levi: “I. have. discovered. . . . . . OKLAHOMA.”

This seriously just happened in my house:

Me: “Levi, you know I love you, right?”
Levi: “Yup!”
Me: “Good. You’re my favorite Levi in the world.”
Levi: “Yeah, and I’m the firstborn. That means I get the birthright.”
Levi: “It’s in Esau.”


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