My New BFF (Shh…it’s a Secret!)

A couple of months ago, my small group started a new study. We chose ‘Pulling the Thread’ by Jen Hatmaker, who, if you don’t already know about her, is HYSTERICAL and wise and witty and so full of Jesus that I really want to be her when I grow up, even though we’re close enough in age that it’s not feasible.

I was first introduced to Jen last year at the inaugural IF:Gathering. I had no idea who she was (or that she was such a superstar getting ready to have her own TV show on HGTV [we don’t have cable, satellite, or anything beyond the five basic channels; yes, we live under a rock]), but when she spoke and taught that day, my spirit lifted and responded in a huge way. I still remember taking notes like a crazy woman during her session and writing in ALL CAPS (because I’m awesome like that), “Love Jesus, Love People.” And that, to me, really sums up Jen and her heart for the world. Not to mention she makes you feel like you are totally her real-life friend and she wants nothing more than to make you laugh and commiserate over parenting mishaps and bad fashion making a repeat appearance (hello, ’80s and ’90s, I’m looking at you.).

So you could say I developed somewhat of a little crush on Jen after the IF:Gathering and then hearing her speak this year was no exception. Truth coming with every word spoken, love radiating earnestly and sincerely and you just knew she meant every single thing she said.

Cut to a couple of weeks ago, when I saw that Jen was forming a launch team for her next book, ‘For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards’ and that she wanted the launch team (and subsequent endorsements) to be formed of people like yours truly, I threw caution and reality to the wind and filled out an application. Seriously, I took five minutes out of my afternoon and sent it off without ever thinking I had a chance in Hades to be accepted. Because, people, they asked if I have an Instagram account. Umm, you do remember me sharing that I do not own a smartphone yet, correct? And my Pinterest account is pretty much nothing but recipes and how to cut boys’ hair and clothes I will never, ever be able to wear because, hello, I’m pregnant for the fifth time in six years and whatever elasticity I once had has vanished. Twitter? I have one, but again, not lighting up the interwebs. Blog? …………crickets chirping……….. You can see why I didn’t think much of my chances to be a part of this.

But then. THEN! A few, very short days later, I got home after my small group (where, yes, we were still discussing ‘Pulling the Thread’) and checked my email. My darling Matt was still awake, so thankfully my squeal of excitement didn’t wake him as I saw that I was one of the people chosen! Not sure exactly what the powers that be were thinking, but you know what? I’m so not complaining. From what I have read of this book so far, it is excellent and amazing and so full of truth and I really, really wish I could put a copy into each of your (all five of you) hands so you can read for yourself. But until I can do that, you can go here to pre-order it for yourself (it releases on August 18th). Seriously, you won’t be disappointed. And over the next couple of months, I will be talking and sharing more about what God is using this book to do in my life and heart. (If you’re impatient like me, you can also just do yourself a favor and pick up ‘7’ and ‘Interrupted,’ too.)

So, yup, I have a new BFF. I figure it’s safe to say that because, you know, she totally knows about me now and we’re on a first name basis, and I am helping her promote her new book, so to my way of thinking, this is just a natural conclusion. (Except, not really, but let’s let me have my little fantasy for a bit, m’kay?)

Blessings and love,



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