Fly on the Wall

If you were a fly on the wall, you would have heard the following conversations at various points during the last few days. I promise, I am not making this up.

Enjoy, and stay warm! We’re supposed to be getting up to 10 inches when all is said and done.

(I apologize in advance for all the potty talk. The small boy has finally embraced potty training and a lot of his conversation centers around that topic lately. It’s my life.)


Biggest boy: “Momma, I’m all done pooping!”

Me: “Okay, make sure you wash your hand.”

Biggest boy: “Yup! And rinse my face.”

Me: “Your face?”

Biggest boy: “Yeah! That’s what you have to do to make sure your face stays clean when you’re a man. And I’m a man.”

Me: “Yes, you are a man, buddy.”


Me, upon entering the girl’s room:


Me: “Hey, sweets! What happened to your pants?”

The girl: “Pants!”

Me: “Yeah, your pants. Do you want to put them on?”

The girl: “No.”

Me: “Do you want to put your pants back on?”

The girl: “Oh *pause* kay.”

The girl: “SOCKS!”


Small boy: “Momma, you’re so beautiful.”

Me: “Ohhh, thank you S. That is such a nice thing to say!”

Small boy: “And I’m handsome.”

Me: “Yes, you are very handsome.”

Small boy: “And E is beautiful. And C is beautiful, too.”

Me: “Yes, they are.”

Small boy: “And I’m brave.”


Biggest boy: “So! (He calls small boy “So”. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea.) Let’s build a house for E!”

Small boy: “Okay, L!”

Biggest boy: “Remember, So, you need to be kind to E. We’re building a house for her. You finish building the door and I will build the rest.”

Small boy: “Yes! It’s a plan!”



Me: “Wow, great job, buddy! I’m so proud of you! Did you remember to wash your hands?”

Small boy: “Yup! I went potty, I flushed, I washed my hands, I put my unders back on….”

Me: “Awesome! Great job, S!”

Small boy: “Yeah, I’m brave.”


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